Sunday, June 10, 2007

Sopranos Over?

Fed in the corner, hit man in the bathroom and Meadow coming through the front door. Cut to black. Is this the end or is HBO waiting for its audience to demand an encore. Unfortunately, the final scene was set up for everyone to write their own ending. If they do bring the series back, how do they finish the scene. Tony gets arrested and goes to prison...after he's been giving the homeland Feds tips, I don't think so. They enjoy a good meal and go home...what's the point of the that? The only logical conclusion is that Tony gets slaughtered in front of his family. But with most die hard fans feeling sympathetic to him, HBO just couldn't pull the trigger. They made us do it. The show and its viewers deserved more.

Whats you're here.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Steelers #16 in Power Rankings

No hiding it, I'm a Steeler Fan. Born and raised in Pittsburgh and I bleed black and gold. Fox Sports power rankings have the Steelers 16th. I year removed from the Super Bowl and a new coaching staff should make for an interesting season. Big Ben needs to take charge and lead the team. If we can avoid turning the ball over we should make it back to the top of the division and league.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

PlayStation 3 Price Cut?

Sony says the cost of producing their Blu-Ray player is dropping due to production efficiencies. They have already cut their price on a new video player and analyst predict that the price of the PS 3 will drop $100 by the Christmas buying season. If you've held out this long, you may want to wait a little longer.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Viva Las Vegas

The concert season in Vegas is heating up with some of the best shows just around the corner. If money's no object, you can buy great seats online just about anytime. If you don't mind waiting to the last minute, you can normally pick up tickets for less than face value. Last year I picked up two tickets to Aerosmith for $100 ,and they were decent seats. Same for the Rolling Stones however the seats were almost as far from the stage as they came. The good thing about the venues in Vegas is that even the worst seats aren't that bad. I live here so it's easy to take advantage of the deals, but if your coming to Vegas, keep an eye on ebay or other online ticket sites and you just might score a deal on a great concert. If not, its Vegas baby, you can't not have a good time. John Mayer and Keith Urban, Morrissey, Avril Lavigne and Jerry Seinfeld this weekend. The Police next weekend.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Old or Old School

I'm old, so I don't get this whole anime/manga craze. Pokemon, Naruto and my personal least favorite Death Note (I've never actually watched it but the title seems too dark for me to let my kids watch) look like second rate cartoons where the action is choppy. So what's the attraction? I talked to my kids about some classic cartoons that I used to watch as a kid to kind of steer them in the right direction. When I mentioned my all time favorite cartoon when I was a kid was Speed Racer, my kids informed me that that was Manga. Come to think of it, Speed Racer didn't have the smoothest graphics but what it did have was characters that were easy to identify with and action, adventure and a little romance that keep me running home from school for two years to catch the beginning of each new episode. I guess that's what attracts today's generation to the latest anime/manga offerings. So maybe I'm not so much old as old school.

Paris Hilton's Next Party

It won't be long until Paris spends a few days in jail thanks to a judge with better sense and more parental instincts than her parents. Paris is responsible for her own actions, but the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. How could her parents, with unlimited resources, fail so miserably in instilling any morale compass or sense of social responsibility. If nothing else, hopefully this proves to all the Paris wannabees that your actions have consequences. If Paris is lucky, she may learn more during her few weeks behind bars than she has thus far in her privileged life.